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Notarial translations and legalization in Russia

In the Russian Federation legal status of an official document, can be obtained only in the presence of a notary-certified copies of foreign documents! This procedure is carried out in two stages:

  • Professional specialist makes the translated document.
  • Certified Notary certifies the authenticity of translator’s signature and the document itself.

Certain types of documents (e.g., articles of incorporation, charters, powers of attorney, etc.) are certified in the presence of an apostille (for documents issued in:

The signatory Countries to the Hague Convention

Or legalization in the relevant consular office (for documents issued in countries not signatory to the Hague Convention).

List of countries for which sufficient certification of a notary of the Russian
List of countries with which Russia has concluded agreements on legal assistance, providing for the abolition of legalisation
For the following countries the presence of a notary certified translation into Russian is required!

In certain cases some types of documents (e.g. birth certificates, death records, marriage, etc.) do not require notarization, and translation is sufficient to assure the seal of the translation Agency or an authorized organization.

Notarized translation is applied on a separate sheet (sheets), crosslinked with copies of the document, Our official certified partner performs the translation and notarization of all types of documents in any foreign language.

Also You can order the production of the necessary number of notarized copies of translated documents.

If You already have a translated document and only needs to be notarized, this document is subject to preliminary verification by our editor-translator.

The rates for certified translations

Document The deadline Price
Passport 2 a slave.days. 3000 RUB.
Diploma 2 a slave.days. 3000 RUB.
Diploma with apostille 2 a slave.days. 4500 RUB.
Marriage certificate 2 a slave.days. 3000 RUB.
Birth certificate 2 a slave.days. 3000 RUB.
Other document 2 a slave.days. from 3000 RUB.


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