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To apply for a Russian visa at a Russian Consulate or visa application centre, you must present a policy of a reliable insurance company with a minimum coverage of 30,000 € (or $30,000) to pay for emergency medical expenses.

In most cases, you need to purchase an insurance policy “for one trip” – for the entire period of your stay in Russia.

If you need a double or multiple-entry visa, you can purchase a policy only for the period of your first trip, and for the next trip you will need to purchase a new policy.

For those who plan to come to Russia often, it is more convenient to purchase an “annual policy” for the total number of days of stay in all trips, the maximum period of insurance coverage is 1 year, if necessary, you can purchase a policy for the next year.

On our website You can choose one of two options of the insurance policy and purchase it online:

Option A-an inexpensive policy of a Russian insurance company or
Option B-a more expensive policy of an international insurance company
Both options meet the requirements of Russian consulates and visa centers.

Option A

Option B

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