Правовая помощь гражданам дальнего зарубежья в России

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Document delivery and courier services

Postal delivery of visa documents

Shipping visa Invitation and other documents to Your specified address by courier or Express mail anywhere in the world.
As a rule, Express mail services, UPS, DHL, USPS, Fedex delivers your package within 2-5 days. Select from the list the country and you will see the time and cost of delivery.

Courier delivery of visa documents

We will arrange send your package immediately after placing the order for Delivery and the readiness of Invitations.

The company “LEGALNO.SU” offers the services of our courier. In our company, which values its name and the opinions of the customers, not random people. You can be confident in the delivery of documents and confidentiality of the information provided.

What You get using the services of our courier when making invitations:

  • Guaranteed delivery of your documents.
  • The authenticity of all documents (all required copies).
  • Save time to visit our office.

The cost of services of the courier.

The number of documents The cost
1 500 RUB.
2 800 RUB.
3 1200 RUB.
4 1500 RUB.

The advantages of our courier services:

  1. Our couriers are qualified professionals that have passed a rigorous selection. Courier company “LEGALNO.SU” — a specialist who possesses the necessary knowledge and information on issues related to the design of the Invitation.Making documents in Express mode, the client can forget about the important nuances. The courier will check the availability of all necessary documents, photocopies of the correct form. If necessary, will be able to give competent advice on all questions.
  2. The presence of the courier guarantees delivery of any documents and cash, for the Invitation to the Russian Federation. This work requires great responsibility and involves a degree of risk for the employee, but not for the client company.
  3. Courier services from the company “LEGALNO.SU” saves its clients time. Makes no sense to spend time on the trip, if you urgently need to draw up the documents for the Invitation to Russia for a business trip in connection with an urgent visit at the “burning” tour or another. Courier to your home or office – a real savings of time.

Clients who work with us for many years – trust us with a solution to their problems for making the Invitations in the Russian Federation, insurance policies, etc. the Quality of our services time-tested and hundreds of testimonials from satisfied customers. Every day we try to make cooperation with us more convenient and comfortable, so the courier service will help to process documents in the shortest possible time without your physical presence in our main office.


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