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A Russian visa is an official document that gives the right to stay in Russia for a certain period of time. Citizens of most countries are required to obtain a Russian visa to enter Russia. The visa specifies the dates of entry and exit from the country, its type and multiplicity, as well as the passport details of the owner and information about the inviting organization (“Visa Sponsor”). A visa is a permit for both entry and exit. If you stay in the country longer than the period specified in the visa or lose your passport with a visa, the departure from the country will be extremely difficult.

If you are a citizen of the Russian Federation and have a valid passport, you are required to enter the country on this passport, a Russian visa in this case is not necessary. If you left Russia before 1992, you must enter the country of your citizenship with a passport. Determine if your country is suitable for visa-free entry to see if you can visit Russia without a visa. In all other cases, you will need a Russian visa.

If your child is under the age of 14 and his / her data is included in your passport, he / she can enter Russia with you on your visa. If the child’s data is not included in your passport, but he has his own passport, you will need to issue a separate Invitation for the accompanying family member. When ordering, please let us know the relevant information about your child. If one of the parents has Russian citizenship and the child travels with him, then the child needs a Russian passport or a private visa. Tourist visa in this case is not suitable.

Terms and Prices

To Russian visa was obtained at the lowest cost, and you can safely visit Russia, it is necessary:

  1. Get basic information about Russian visas to avoid possible problems and unnecessary costs of effort, time and money. Try to understand the main steps that make up the process of obtaining a visa, as well as the subsequent entry, stay and exit from Russia.
  2. 2. The cost of a visa depends on the type of visa and the urgency of obtaining it, your citizenship and the chosen Russian Consulate, experience and reliability of the partners you have chosen.
    The cost of the visa consists of the amount of mandatory fees, overhead costs, prices and quality of services of partners. Mandatory fees:

    • the state fee for issuing a visa invitation Is charged for certain types of visas (400 rubles)
    • visa fee-the amount depends on your citizenship and the urgency of visa processing (for example, visa fee for EU citizens – 35 Euros for non-urgent processing)
    • visa application Centre fee-in case the Consulate has a visa Application Centre, a fixed amount is charged for the processing of documents (usually 30 Euros), and in the case of the obligation to obtain biometric data is charged an additional fee, biometric data are removed in London, Edinburgh, Copenhagen, Myanmar and Namibia)
    • postage fee-in the case where the registration of a visa on arrival in Russia is carried out through the post office of Russia (usually 700 rubles)


    • delivery of the original visa invitation To you-is required to provide to the Consulate upon receipt of certain types of visas (for example, delivery by Express mail of the original invitation For a business multiple-entry visa from Russia to the EU countries costs about 40 Euros)
    • your personal travel to the Consulate – to submit a set of documents and then obtain a visa, or postage – to send documents and return the finished visa
    • purchase of health insurance
    • provision of additional documents that may be required by the Consulate

    The determining factor in the total cost of the visa and your time and effort is the price and quality of services of your partners. A good partner will offer you an optimal scheme for obtaining a visa with minimal costs for both mandatory fees and overhead costs. Remember that in the field of Russian visas, there are many nuances that allow you to get the desired result in different ways.

    3. Find the best partner (s) to obtain a visa Invitation, the visa itself in the Russian Consulate and ensure your hassle-free stay in Russia.

    • As you know, some performers easily cope with complex cases, and other easy things turn into complex problems
    • As you know, some performers honestly work for the long term, while others live one day, trying to snatch easy money
    • As you know, for some performers say their deeds and numerous customer reviews, while others loudly praise themselves

    Also keep in mind that according to the Russian legislation, only a Russian legal entity or an individual (the so-called Visa Sponsor), whose name is indicated in the Russian visa, can invite a foreign citizen to Russia. Often, only a Visa Sponsor can help you in solving possible problems, for example, the restoration of a visa in case of loss, visa extension, etc.

    Therefore, we strongly recommend that you find a partner who:

    • uses a reliable Visa Sponsor
    • has an office in Russia and you know its address and phone number
    • he is accredited by the migration Directorate of the Ministry of internal Affairs (former FMS) of Russia
    • it will help you to register your visa, as well as in other unusual situations with your visa
    • has many years of experience with Russian visas and can offer you additional services
    • provides services at reasonable prices without hidden fees


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