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Visa to Russia 7-Time-VISA™ – Trust Tourism

Target Tourist visa – the most convenient option for a short (up to 7 days) business trip to Russia to visit or participate in the exhibition, auction, business meetings and solving other business issues, as well as for medical examinations and consultations.

According to the legislation targeted a Tourist visa is a tourist visa and successfully replaces the conventional business visa. While its relatively easier and cheaper to obtain.

To get Targeted Tourist visa, in the same way as for a normal tourist visa needed Tourist Invitation, issued only by the Russian tourist company registered in the Unified Federal Register of tour operators. A booking confirmation (the order) is not a basis for visa issuance.

Target a Tourist visa is always single entry. As an exception, you can issue double-entry visa if:

  • a) travel from Russia to neighboring countries, returning back to Russia, for example, CIS, Baltic States;
  • b) visit to the country, the return of which is carried out through the territory of Russia, for example, China, Mongolia.
Russian visa can be obtained by the foreigner at the Russian Consulate only in the country whose citizen he is.
Citizens of Schengen countries can get a visa in any country of the Schengen Agreement.
To obtain a Russian visa in a third country the necessary residence permit or work permit in this country.

Extension Target a Tourist visa is possible only in exceptional cases, such as serious illness. Be sure to check the expiration date of Your visa to avoid problems when leaving Russia.

The Target invitation for Tourist visa is a unified document – a Travel Confirmation to which may be attached to the Travel Voucher indicating the programme of stay. The only difference from a normal Tourist visa is an additional mark “target tourism” in Confirmation and Voucher.
Additionally, we will send the sample of the Consular forms. As a rule, you are prompted for a Target Tourist visa can be granted at the Consulate in the form of copies.

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