Правовая помощь гражданам дальнего зарубежья в России

+7 495 998-93-94 legalno.su@mail.ru


Internet service “LEGALNO.SU” invites to cooperation Russian and foreign Partners:

  • visa and tourist operators;
  • travel agencies;
  • individual private agents.

We offer our agents and partners:

  • Official terms cooperation and the conclusion of the Agency contract.
  • High agent commissions!
  • Great prices for all services with no hidden mark-UPS;
  • Registration in our service and access details to the system of registration and accounting;
  • Free Frame module for sites, agencies to access our services directly from the website of the agent.

The starting Commission 20% at first Your application. We have a program of increased commissions and additional benefits.

Full information and prices are available on our website. All prices are in Russian rubles. Indicates the NET value. The costs for Bank transfers paid by the sender. Payment for services is made by Bank transfer on the current account.

Any questions You can always contact uson the phone or e-mail. Applications for services canto register online orsend by Email!

We are open for fruitful and mutually beneficial cooperation!


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